Influencing Skills

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Course Description


As students become entrepreneurs, work in corporate or pursue other careers, developing, and managing relationships professionally, socially, and even romantically become essential to success.

Rowen Untivero, a veteran of more than 3 decades, will be teaching them these skills with an original framework used in almost every industry! 

Key Topics

  • Calibrating Interpersonal Communication
    • 4 Quadrants of Personalities
    • SSS
    • The Language Wheel
  • Influencing Strategies
    • 4 Quadrants of Personalities
    • SSS
    • The Language Wheel

Investment Fees

Individual Rate: P2,500 per class
Pair Rate: P2,000 (2 enrollees in one class, or 1 enrollee in 2 or more classes)
Group Rate: P2,000 per individual (bonus 5+1 FREE in the same class and batch)

Class Director

Rowen Untivero is a sales veteran with three decades of experience in training, coaching, consulting, negotiation, and sales. He can give a 360-degree and multi-dimensional set of perspectives from that of the CEO, middle management, down to that of the front-liner and staff member– and he’s had exposure to what works best in almost every industry you can think of.