Personal Branding for Team Leadership

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Course Description


For high school or college undergraduates who want to be active in projects/orgs, qualify for programs, or be seen, respected, and valued. In 2 days, go through a program of self discovery, external benchmarking, and actual role play an creation exercises.
Taught by Quennie Cua, Expert coach on branding and parent of 3 teenagers, with a further enhanced curriculum.

Key Topics:

  • Building Your Personal Brand
    • Your Strengths & Opportunities
  • Character Profiling
    • Where you want to be
  • Goals and Life Map
    • First Impressions 
  • Writing, Soc Med, Mock Interview
    • Influencers: What makes them Tick.

Investment Fees

Individual Rate: P2,500 per class
Pair Rate: P2,000 (2 enrollees in one class, or 1 enrollee in 2 or more classes)
Group Rate: P2,000 per individual (bonus 5+1 FREE in the same class and batch)

Class Director

Quennie Cua is an IT and Marketing expert with over 20 years of professional corporate experience (P&G, Abbott, and SM). She designed this workshop after taking inspiration from a science
and technology workshop she brought some students to in Singapore. A certified trainer in Effective Presentation back in P&G, this course is close to her heart as she is reminded of the learning journey of her 3 kids – all in their teenage years now!