These courses are open to high school and college aged students, ages 14 and up.

All our courses are held live via Zoom. We will be emailing you the links directly, so don’t forget to look out for any updates!

Each class will run for 2 hours per class for 5 sessions.

Classes will be taught in a mixture of English and Filipino, but instructors can adjust to full English if needed.

Each speaker will have their own preferences, but students are generally encouraged to participate in pre-work, and speakers may give small assignments in between sessions.

We encourage students to attend every session to maximize learning. However, if you are suddenly unable to attend one session, you’re still welcome to attend the rest as you are still considered enrolled.

We suggest you use a laptop or desktop computer during the sessions. A stable internet connection of at least 5mbps is also needed to run Zoom, the platform we will be using to hold the live courses.

You are required to enroll into the full course, which will give you access to all sessions.

Go to the page of the course you want to take. Once on the course page, click “Take this course” to proceed to checkout. Fill-in your details then choose the payment method. Then click ‘Place order.’

You may pay online via PayPal (using your PayPal account or any visa/mastercard) or via bank transfer.

The fee includes access to all sessions under the course, as well as all supplementary materials such as handouts and worksheets.

If you enroll 2 or more students at once, the price will go down to PHP 5,000 for each student.

All courses are non-refundable. In the case of unavoidable circumstances, we will assist you in substituting your enrollment in one course with another one. Please contact us directly to process this.