Beyond Event Marketing: Creating High Impact Brand Experiences

Consumers have myriad of choices when it comes to buying the products and services companies offer, with their resulting brand loyalty ultimately based on how they personally interact with whatever the company offers. Experiential marketing is based on the entire experience a consumer has with a product or service, with the end goal of appealing both to the rational and emotional sides people have so the consumer has a product or service experience that is truly compelling.


  • To provide a good broad understanding of the Experiential Marketing industry and its best practice workings so that each individual’s contribution to it is seen in context- what makes a successful experiential activation, how to avoid major issues and build your campaign into something larger than just the “day-of” activities.
  • Participants are to be given a clear perspective of the theory and workings of the industry whatever their particular role in the process.

All junior and new entrants to the industry, both in agency and client companies. The course will be relevant to account executives and managers and those in other support functions.
I. Course Overview Discussion: Experiential Marketing (EM)

  • Brand Experience Scale (How do we communicate brands?)

II. Sub­Topic  #1: EM and its place in the marketing mix

  • How does Experiential Marketing work? What do we use Experiential Marketing for?

III. Sub-Topic  #2: The Ten Types of Experiential Marketing

  • Critical considerations

IV. Sub-Topic  #3: Campaign Planning: Strategy Development

  • The project cycle: Setting objectives/Targeting/Site locations/Briefing process

V. Sub-Topic  #4: Due Diligence & Best Practice

  • On site management–pre/during/post production
  • Recruiting managing staff
  • Promotion techniques, redemptions & risk management

VI. Sub-Topic #5: Campaign Measurement

  • Metrics and ROI

Ramon Barredo has had 20 years of extensive experience in Marketing & Sales, gained from working with leading Multinational & and Local corporations across diverse industries, to include Consumer Goods, Retail, Pharmaceutical and Real Estate Development. Mr. Barredo’s specific areas of focus include leading New Product Commercialization initiatives, and launch of Branded Retail Formats. Mr. Barredo has likewise been involved in directing and executing Sales & Channel Management initiatives, as well as crafting Sales Force Capabilities programs. Mr. Barredo received his Master’s Degree in Business Management with Distinction from the Asian Institute of Management.