Fighting Goliaths: Challenger Strategies that have Outsmarted Market Leaders

Challenger Strategies that have Outsmarted Market Leaders
By Bert Monteron 

This is a course designed specifically for market challengers. It offers participants proven strategies that have turned market followers into market leaders.

Learn what was behind the success of what are now industry leaders--Cebu Pacific, Century Tuna, Apple, Lenovo, CNN and many others.

Learn too from the pitfalls that have caused others to fail.

Understand the strategies that catapulted them to market leadership and keep them where they are.

Better still, map your own brand's challenger strategies using the course's step-by-step approach to launching a new brand or re-crafting an existing one.

As a bonus, take with you a game-changing "challenger mindset" that you can share with your marketing team. This mindset teaches you how to spot opportunities, assess their value to your organization, and cash in on them.

For those market challengers that dream big, this course is for you.
The biggest benefit you will get from this course is a strategic outlook in choosing the most advantageous and least risky position in challenging leaders and winning the game. Be your company strategist by understanding and applying:

  • A strategy framework for market opportunity evaluation.
  • A “Challenger Grid” for your attack.
  • A system of consolidating your gains and defending against retaliation.
  • A strategic challenge mindset that invites you to continually update your brand to be ahead of competition.

Your Company will gain:

  • A fresh outlook in advancing its brand portfolio via outsmarting industry leaders.
  • Practical guidelines in rendering its competitors’ brands irrelevant to their target.
  • A Marketing team with a keen sense of both.


  • Brand managers
  • Marketing managers
  • General management

What makes this program is indispensable to every market challenger:
•    Understand the dynamics of how the market leader derives its strength.
•    Learn the 3 basic attack positions of strategic marketing.
•    Know the 6 tried and tested steps of a successful product launch.
•    Learn the 3 basics of ensuring continued product success and thwarting competitive counter-moves.
•    Develop a challenger mindset for your marketing team.
This course is rich with examples from various product categories: Fast food, Coffee, Airline, Electronics, Food, Computers, Copiers, Softdrinks, Automobile, Pharma, Detergents, Appliances, Telco, Snack foods, Personal care products

Bert Monteron has spent virtually his entire 35-year professional career in the field of Sales and Marketing.  His training includes multinationals like Unilever, Wander and Remy Martin as well as large Philippine conglomerates like San Miguel and Universal Robina Corporation.
 He was former General Manager of Hunts-Universal Robina Corporation as well as Remy Philippines Inc.
 In each of these companies, his specialty was entrepreneurial marketing whose end goal is either to turn around or revitalize brands, a role which necessitated a firm background in business analysis and marketing acumen.
 Bert’s vast experience is complemented by several sales and marketing courses, including a post-graduate training course in International Marketing from Boston College, U.S.A.