Our Story

Want to find out more about the Sensei behind this initiative and how it all began? Here’s the story.

A “Sensei” is more than just a teacher. A Sensei is a master of their craft, and a mentor who imparts knowledge and principles to dedicated pupils committed to lifelong learning.

Sensei Academy’s story began by accident. Founder Josiah Go was holding a NextGen Mentoring class for professional marketers, and parents suddenly asked if they could enroll their children, too.

Ultimately, they couldn’t join due to a lack of work experience--so Josiah did the next best thing and created an entirely new course, the Business Acumen Headstart class. It became Sensei Academy’s first test project.

That class gave way to creating the first non-formal business academy for high school and college aged students.

Now, Sensei Academy exists to fill a need in the online course space for students’ business education: by giving them the opportunity to directly engage and learn with industry experts with both extensive work and teaching experience.

Class Directors

Meet our lineup of experienced mentors - all excited to share their countless experiences with you.

Ramon Barredo

Handles classes on leadership
Enjoys playing basketball

Quennie Cua

Handles classes on branding
Manages beauty supplies

Malu Dy Buncio

Handles classes on personality development
A competitive ballroom dancer
Chiqui Escareal-Go

Chiqui Escareal-Go

Handles classes on marketing
Mom of 2 labradors

Josiah Go

Handles classes on business
Has a blog (www.josiahgo.com)

Emilio Macasaet III

Handles classes on problem-solving
Loves golf and snorkeling

Ronnie Traballo

Handles classes on personality development
Enjoys biking and running

Rowen Untivero

Handles classes on influencing and negotiation
A fitness advocate